The making

Tue, Oct 25 2016

The making of a blog, not too ugly, with somewhat interesting content.

A software engineer needs a website. At least, I was told so. I’ll keep it short and simple. I’m more of a backend and infrastructure guy but I try to keep up to date with recent developments in front-end, web and user experience world.

Old site

I started with a complex design, where we couldn’t see everything.


Redoing the design was an interesting experience and I decided to make things with a more minimalistic approach.

The final product will look like this. It sure doesn’t look like it now but with the incremental approach it fits well.


From the final design, I am implementing as incremental baby steps. Trying to deliver, as often as I can, with small iterations over here and there.

The first iteration of this site was made using jekyll, but since I’m a go fanboy, I recently switched it to hugo for the latest do-over. Hugo also being way faster and easier to install than a any ruby software.

Here’s the basic stack:

That’s all. Nothing more.

I still have in mind to build my own cms or simple engine with an embedded search. Tough I wanted to learn more about writing than programming. And there are no better ways to learn writing than to write.