About P-A!

Kitesurfer and avid food eater living in Quebec city.

It’s cold outa here, but there are some awesome landscape to wonder at, mountains to conquer, and seafearers to hear stories from. I am also known as a practician of a foreign art, which consists of wandering around a screen filled with small white & coloured letters on a dark screen.

My resume can be found here


You can find me hitting the waves, the mountains or, on Twitter and GitHub. In the downtimes you can find me writing, reading and talking about software engineering culture, distributed systems, programming languagues, BI, remote work culture, organizing work and autonomous teams…

I grew up in Sept-Îles, Qc, a far and foreign place, but it’s a place everyone should go and explore. A place with enough beach and wind for you to kitesurf for a century, never touching the same sand twice. Be warned though, it’s cold, you’ll need a hard skin or an oddly wired brain to go in there unprepared.

I am currently doing software engineering as a remote senior software developer at Pleo.io and also am building a small product company doing full-stack development.

I was previously at Coveo where I did a lot of things like software engineering, deploying kubernetes, some go and java, microservices architecture and good beer propaganda. I studied software engineering at ETS and helped awesome guys build the Chinook, a wind turbine vehicle. Aftwerwards, I worked as a research assistant in computational systems biology. Although, biology is still something I hardly understand.